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Rimmington is a small town located in the south-west corner of Asgarnia, on the edge of the free-to-play world. Its distance from other human settlements and lack of full banking facilities make it rarely visited by non-members. Rimmington's most notable features are its mine (a source of iron, gold, clay, copper and tin). Players are required to visit the area during Witch's Potion, while completing the Dragon Slayer quest as Melzar's Maze is located on the north-west boundary of the town.

Despite being generally deserted, there are a number of natural resources that attract some skillers to Rimmington. There are a number of willow and yew trees scattered around the town-site, a large open-cut mine to the north and several of snape grass spawns to the north-west on Hobgoblin Peninsula.

Melzar the MadEdit

Melzar the Mad is the last remaining survivor of the trio of wizards who escaped Crandor after Elvarg laid waste to the island. . Melzar currently resides in a fortified manor to the north-west of the Rimmington town-site. To enter the manor, players must have started the Dragon Slayer quest and be in possession of the manor key given to them by the Guildmaster of the Champions' Guild. His manor contains a maze which plays host to a number of low level monsters which may be suitable for combat training for new players. Melzar himself can be found at the end of the maze and must be killed in the process of obtaining a third of the Crandor map; however, he is clearly not the true challenge, as he spawns cabbages to heal you during the fight and the player must fight a Lesser demon directly afterwards to obtain the true map.

Monsters Edit

  • Started in Rimmington:
    • Witch's Potion - Players can start this quest in the small house east of Brian's Archery Supplies where Hetty lives.

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