Rune Mysteries
Rune essence
Release Date Projectrs06 None
Quest Series None
Difficulty Novice
Length Short - Medium depending on transportation method


Start Point: Talk to Duke Horatio, on the first floor of the Lumbridge Castle
Requirements: None, teleport to Varrock could be useful
Items Required: None
Enemies to defeat: Evade Dark Wizards south of Varrock if walking

How to StartEdit


Location of Duke Horatio

To start the quest, head to the Lumbridge Castle, and climb to the first floor (british alocation of floors), and talk to the Duke Horatio at his room. Talk to him, and he will ask you to take an Air Talisman to Wizard Sedridor, at the Wizard's Tower.

Delivering the TalismanEdit

Wizards tower

Location of Wizard Sedridor.

Exit the Castle, and head south-west of the Castle, evading rats and goblins if you are a low level. Be warned that, if you dont go south enough, you could run close to the prison and the guards can kill you easily.

Once you reach the tower, enter it and climb down to the basement, and talk to Wizard Sedridor. He will take the talisman and give you a Research Package, which you will have to deliver to Aubury in Varrock.

Next DeliverEdit

If you have level 25 magic, you can teleport to Varrock and shorten your journey, but if you choose to walk, go north of the tower, until you find Draynor Manor, go around the fence and reach Barbarian Village

Location of Aubury at the south-eastern side of Varrock

. Next, go east, to reach Varrock. Aubury has a Rune Shop at the eastern part of Varrock, south of the Eastern Bank to him, and he will want you to deliver some notes back to Sedridor, and ask you if you want to be teleported there. If you choose to be teleported, he will teleport you next to the Wizard's Tower.

Rune SecretsEdit

After giving the notes to Sedridor, he will teach you the basics of Runecrafting. Congratulations, quest complete!



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