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RunecraftingIconRunecrafting is a skill which can be used to makes Runes using Rune Essence or Pure Essence. With runes, it is possible to cast magic spells using the magic skill,even though not all can be made with Runecrafting. As you begin with runecrafting, you will make only 1 rune per essence, but as you progress within the skill you will be able to create multiple runes with the same amount of essence.

Runecrafting Level Up Sound.
Runecrafting Level Up

How it WorksEdit

To craft the runes it is necessary to first complete the Rune Mysteries quest. After completing the quest, the player has access to the Rune Essence Mine. Here, Rune Essence (normal or Pure) can be aquired through the Mining skill. You enter the Rune Essence Mine by asking a Rune Shop Owner (such as the one located at the East Varrock) to teleport into the mine. This essence must then be taken to a Altars to bind the essence with the altar's power. In order to reach these altars, a talisman (or tiara) that matches the altar's power or element must be present in the inventory (or worn if a tiara is used). Talismans can be either bought or obtained as drops from monsters within the game.

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For example, if a player wished to make water runes, they would need some rune essence and a water talisman in their inventory. The player would use the talisman on the mysterious ruins to enter it, and would be transported to an alternate dimension containing the functionable version of the altar. When the player clicks on the altar, all of the rune essence in the inventory is then converted into water runes.

Craftable RunesEdit

Rune essence Rune essenceEdit

This essence can be mined at the rune essence mine at level 1 mining and is used to craft basic Runes .

For more information, please referr to Rune Essence Article.

Pure essence Pure essenceEdit

This essence can be obtained in the same way as a normal essence. Level 30 mining is required to mine pure essence.

For more information, please referr to Pure Essence  Article.

Type of Craftable Runes:Edit

Picture Rune Level XP Location of Altar Map
Air rune Air Rune 1 7.5

South of Falador

Air altar
20080330163636!Mind rune Mind Rune 2 8.25 North-east of Goblin Village Mind altar
Water rune Water Rune 5 9

Lumbridge Swamp, South-East of Draynor Village

Water altar
Earth rune Earth Rune 9 9.75 North-east of Varrock Earth altar
Fire Rune Fire Rune 14 11.25 North of the Duel Arena Fire altar
20090302200259!Body rune Body Rune 20 11.25 West of Barbarian Village, south of the Monastery Body altar
Cosmic Rune Cosmic Rune 27 12 Southern part in Zanaris Cosmic altar
Chaos rune Chaos Rune 35 12.25 Level 9 Wilderness, north-west of Edgeville Chaos altar
Nature Rune Nature Rune 44 13.5 North of Shilo Village Nature altar
Law Rune Law Rune 54 13.5 North-west on Entrana Law altar
Death Rune Death Rune 65 15 West of the Temple of Light Death altar

Crafting Multiple RunesEdit

As your Runecrafting level increases, you will find yourself making more runes for each essence in your inventory. The following table shows the levels required for each multiple rune:

Rune 1x 2x 3x 4x 5x 6x 7x 8x 9x 10x
Air rune 1 11 22 33 44 55 66 77 88 99
Mind rune 1 14 28 42 56 70 84 98
Water rune 5 19 38 57 76 95
Earth rune 9 26 52 78
Fire rune 14 35 70
Body rune 20 59 92
Cosmic rune 27 74
Chaos rune 35 82
Nature rune 44 91
Law rune 54
Death rune 65


Picture Name Dropped by Tiaras (Created with the crafting skill)
Talis air Air Goblins, Wizards.

Tiara air

Talis mind Mind Imps, Wizards, Dark Wizards. Tiara mind
Talis water Water Wizards and Dark Wizards. Tiara water
Talis earth Earth Men/Women, Wizards, Demons. Tiara earth
Talis fire Fire Skeletons and Wizards. Tiara fire
Talis body Body Guards, Wizards, Giants. Tiara body
Talis cosmic Cosmic Mysterious men, Lesser Demons. (Also obtained from caskets while fishing). Tiara cosmic
Talis chaos Chaos Hobgoblins, Ice warriors, Black Knight. Tiara chaos
Talis nature Nature Hobgoblins, Jogres, Moss Giants, Green Dragons. Tiara nature
Talis law Law Troll Stronghold. Tiara law
Talis death Death Mourning's End Part Two, Dark beast. Tiara death


Main article: Tiara

A tiara is a wearable item which gives you access to Altars.

Money makingEdit

Law runningEdit

With 27 unnoted Pure Essences which can be mined or bought from another player (for around 2k). Run from Draynor bank to Entrana which can be reached by boat from Port Sarim. Then run to the law Altar which is found just a long the coast from the docks.

You can trade a person wearing a law tiara or someone saying "open". Trade your unnoted pure essence for noted pure essence and 27 law runes.

You can see if anyone is running law runes in this offical forum thread found here