Runes are the main component needed to cast spells in ProjectRS06. You can either buy them from players or a rune shop or craft them yourself with the runecrafting skill. There are many types of runes in the game, resembling different kinds of components in Gielinor. Some are of nature-alignment, such as the Fire, Water, Air and Earth runes. Others are part of the body: the Body, Blood and Mind runes. The Chaos Rune may be aligned with Zamorak or part of the outer space, the Law rune with Saradomin or Human Reign, and the Nature rune with Guthix, or with the Death rune, together aligned to something part of life.

For information on how to craft runes, visit the article on the Runecrafting skill.

The different types of runes available are:


Image and Main use

Air Rune

Air rune  Teleportation, Air-Type combat spells.
Water Rune Water rune Teleportation, Curses, Water-Type combat spells.
Earth Rune Earth rune Teleportation, Curses, Earth-Type combat spells.
Fire Rune Fire Rune Teleportation, Superheat Item, Alchemy, Fire-Type combat spells.
Mind Rune 20080330163636!Mind rune Low-level weak combat spells.
Chaos Rune Chaos rune Medium-level combat spells.
Death Rune Death Rune High-level combat spells.
Blood Rune Blood rune Very High-level combat spells.
Law Rune Law Rune Teleporting and Telekinetic Grab.
Nature Rune Nature Rune Binding spells, Alchemy.
Cosmic Rune Cosmic Rune  Enchanting spells.
Body Rune 20090302200259!Body rune Curse spells.
Soul Rune Soul rune Used for some ancient magicks spells.
Dust Rune Dust rune Spells that use earth and air runes.
Lava Rune Lava rune Spells that use earth and fire runes.
Mist Rune Mist rune Spells that use water and air runes.
Mud Rune Mud rune Spells that use earth and water runes.
Smoke Rune 20110806024759!Smoke rune Spells that use fire and air runes.
Steam Rune Steam rune Spells that use fire and water runes.