S Y N on June 30, 2012.

was a former 2006Scape global moderator. On July 6 2012, he was made community manager under the name Mod Nuradin and his S Y N account was made no longer a forum moderator. S Y N was widely regarded as one of the most active forum moderators and had the highest post count out of all the forum moderators.

Interestingly, S Y N was one of the few that recorded the Runescape Falador Massacre back in 2006. His video of the massacre is one of the most viewed videos of the event to be watched on Youtube causing some people to regard him as 'famous'. S Y N however is very quiet about this and does not wish attention to be drawn to himself.

S Y N has been demoted a total of 3 times on 3 separate occasions only to be re-promoted shortly after each time. The reasons for these demotions vary and do not wish to be disclosed by the community administrators. However, one of these times S Y N resigned, but again came back after just a few hours.

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