The meaning 'skulled' referres to the act of when someone attacks another in the Wilderness and thus obtains a skull above their character. This means that if the character were to die instead of keeping 3 items on death, they would drop everything. However the prayer 'protect item ' works against this and allows for one item to be kept.

Note: A player cannot be skulled if the player he/she is attacking has attacked them recently. Meaning if you die to an enemy in the wilderness, run back and proceed to start a fight with them, you will not recieve a skull as that enemy was the aggressor in your previous fight, and it was recently fought. 

Skulln 1

a skull up close

When a player obtains a skull a 20 minute timer starts up until effect, and skull, disapears. This time halts if an account is logged out and starts again when it re-logs in and if you re-attack someone the timer resets.

Ways in which the skull can be removed is: To wait 20 minutes, die or complete a safe activity such as castle wars or the duel arena where you can die to effectively remove an unwanted skull.

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