A Spellbook is the mix of different spells a player may cast with the help of the magic skill. It may vary from the Standard Spellbook to the Ancient Magicks spellbook. Note that to acces the ancient magicks spellbook you must complete the Desert Treasure quest. The 2 different spellbooks may be swapped after the completing the quest, at the Jaldraocht Pyramid, at the ground-level, by praying at the altar. Note that this altar will drain your prayer points to zero.

Standard spellbook

Standard SpellbookEdit

It is the spellbook recopiled and used by the Wizards at the Wizard Tower. The Standard Spellbook mixes different kind of spells, with the functions of combat, teleportation, alchemy, enchantment and skilling. It is the default spellbook which most players use, and its teleports take you to human-controlled cities (Falador, Lumbridge, Varrock and Ardougne).

The standard spellbook comes with 67 spells which varie from enchanting to offensive and teleportation spells. Many of this spells can only be accessed after the completion of certain quests.


Ancient Magicks SpellbookEdit

The Ancient Magicks spellbook is composed of different offensive and teleportation spells. A player will be able to access them after the completion of the Desert Treasure quest. The story tells the ancient magicks were utilized by the followers of Zaros at the 2nd Age, most used at the time, its teleport spells take you to most of Zaros' fortresses at the time, like Edgeville, The Digsite, and several points of the Wilderness. These spots also had their own names, to know them go to the Ancient Magicks page. Its spells are mostly for combat, with different effects on the target, and several teleport spells.


You can autocast, but only with a staff equipted. You can do this by going into the attack styles tab and clicking on cast select and by choosing the chosen spell it will automatically lock it as the spell cast.