Spinning Plate
Spinning plate

Quest Item








High Alch


Low Alch


Store Price

17 coins


It has the picture of a dragon on it.



The Spinning plate is one of the many toys from Diango in Draynor village. However, it cannot be sold back to him, and was released as a joke by Jagex in reply to the constant demand of a "Dragon plate" (Dragon platebody armour). On the spinning plate, there is a picture of a dragon.

Diango says that the shipment of spinning plates were delayed by thieves, who apparently wanted "dragon plates". If the player spins the spinning plate, he or she will attempt to balance the plate on a stick. Usually, the plate will fall and the player will do the Cry emote. Occasionally, the plate will continue to spin, and the player will make the Cheer emote. It might be possible that the higher a player's Agility level, the less the chance of failing at spinning the plate, although there are still chances of success at a low Agility level.

Originally, when the plate fell, the disk would break, and another one had to be bought. Due to several complaints, a plate will not break anymore, instead it will fall onto the floor allowing you to retrieve it once again.

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