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Strength is a melee combat skill which determines the amount of damage a player can inflict in melee combat. Maximum hit is calculated using the player's strength level and Strength Attack Bonuses, which can be affected by equipped items, prayers, and potions.

Players may receive Strength experience during combat, and the amount of experience gained is dependent on the combat style being used. Strength experience is only awarded when fighting in the aggressive or controlled stances.

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You can gain strength experience in combat when you use the correct combat style.

When fighting in the aggressive stance, 6 * X Strength experience is awarded per hit, where X is the amount of damage dealt. Fighting using the controlled stance, however, awards 1.999 * X Strength experience per hit, where X is the amount of damage dealt. For example, a player who hits a 1 would receive 4 Strength experience when fighting in the aggressive stance and 1.999 Strength experience when fighting in the controlled stance. The amount of experience received when fighting in the controlled stance may be calculated in the same way that experience awarded to the Hitpoints skill is calculated.

The difference between these two stances is that the aggressive stance solely provides experience for the Strength and Hitpoints skills. However, the controlled stance distributes experience equally among Strength, Attack, Defence, and Hitpoints. A player who hits a 1 would receive 1.999 experience in each one of these skills. Additionally, fighting using the aggressive stance provides a hidden boost of +3 to the Strength skill while using the controlled stance only provides a boost of +1.



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Name Attack level Strength level
Bronze halberd 1 1
Iron halberd 1 1
Steel halberd 5 1
Black halberd 10 5
White halberd 10 5
Mithril halberd 20 10
Adamant halberd 30 15
Rune halberd 40 20
Dragon halberd 60 30
Granite maul 50 50
Tzhaar-ket-om 1 60
Torag's hammers 70 70
Dharok's greataxe 70 70

Strength bonusesEdit

Click for a full weapon list: Strength attack Bonus.

Quest experienceEdit

These quests all give experience to Strength when you complete them.


Name Amount
Strength potion 3 +10%
Super strength potion 5 +15%
Zamorak brew 2 +12%
Combat potion 3 +10%
Asgarnian ale 2
Beer 2
Beer (Tankard) 2
Spicy stew -6 to +6
Dragon battleaxe 20%
Braindeath 'rum' 3
Grog 3
Dragon bitter 2
Keg of beer 10