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Tirannwn is the geographical region located west of Kandarin, on the western edge of Gielinor. It can only be accessed after finishing the Underground Pass quest. Other ways of entry include the going through gates at Arandar (requires completion of Regicide), or activating elf teleport crystal which is obtained at the beginning of Mourning's Ends Part I to teleport to Lletya.

Within the forest, the NPCs that can be encountered are: Elves, Dire Wolves, Rabbits, and Grizzly Bears. There are numerous traps in Isafdar, which make travelling difficult and dangerous (see Traps for more details). It is wise to bring Anti-poison potions as well as food with you when exploring Tirannwn. Level 56 Agility is required to fully negotiate the area, as players will come across dense forest that requires level 56 Agility to pass (boosts such as a summer pie and agility potions do work).

Places of InterestEdit

  • Arandar, the overground pass leading into Tirannwn.
  • Prifddinas, the great elven city. No human has ever set foot in its walls. It was formed by elf crystals and is quite a sight to behold.
  • Lletya, rebel village located in the south east part of Tirannwn.


Tirannwn is littered with traps that are not easily noticed, so be wary. There are three types of traps:

  • Leaf trap: Can hit 15 damage. Approach and select jump at the side nearest to you.
  • Spring traps or stick traps: Hit around 8 damage. Select at the base of the trap to pass. Failure to pass will give you a face full of spikes, hit damage and throw you back.
  • Tripwire: Hard to spot and require you to select to hop over. Failure results in four arrows being fired all dealing 5 damage and poisoning you.



  • There are magic trees just outside of Lletya.
  • There are spots to mine adamant ore also near Lletya (these are close to a stick trap, so beware).
  • North of the Elf Tracker is a whiteberry spawn.
  • There are 4 yew trees just outside the Tyras Camp.
  • The best flax location is located in Isafdar as it is only a few steps from the bank.

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