Sells items?

Yes, Slayer Shop

Quest requirement?





He looks dangerous

Slayer master burthorpe

Turael is a Slayer Master located in a small hut in Burthorpe. He gives low leveled slayer monsters and tasks. He does not require any Quests or particular combat to get a task as he is the first master you will start the skill with.


Name Amount Low level Slayer xp High level Slayer xp
Banshee 15-30 Banshee (level 23) 22xp None
Bat 15-30 Bat (level 6) 8xp Giant bat (level 27) 32xp
Bird 15-30 Chicken (level 1) 3xp Terrorbird (level 28) 34xp
Bear 15-30 Grizzly bear cub (level 15-36) 20-45xp Grizzly bear (level 21 and 42) 27,35xp
Cave bugs 15-30 Cave bug (level 6) 5xp Cave bug (level 96) 93xp
Cave slime 15-30 Cave Slime (level 23) 25xp None --
Cows 15-30 Cow calf (level 2) 6xp Cow (level 2) 8xp
Crawling hands 15-30 Crawling hand (level 8-12) 15-19xp None --
Desert lizards 15-30 Desert lizard (level 12,24,42) 15xp
Dogs 15-30 Jackal (level 21) 27xp Wild Dogs (level 63) ? xp
Dwarfs 15-30 Dwarf (level 7-37) 10-26xp
Ghosts 15-30 Ghost (level 19-70) 25-80xp None --
Goblins 15-30 Goblin (Level 1-25) 3+xp
Ice fiends 10-20 Ice fiend (level 13) 15xp None --
Monkeys 15-50 Monkey (level 3) 6xp
Scorpions 15-50 Scorpion (level 14-59) 17+xp
skeleton 15-50 Skeleton (level 21-142) 24-112xp
spiders 15-50 Spider and Giant Spider (level 1-2) 2-6xp
trolls 15-50 Troll (level 69-141) N/A None --
wolves 15-50 white wolf (level 25) --
zombies 15-50 Zombie (level13-85) 22xp+

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