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WciconWoodcutting is a skill used to get logs from trees. Woodcutting is a popular skill for players because

Macros woodcutting
of all the features and advantages it can offer, such as making different weapons out of logs and how it they can be used to train other skills.

Woodcutting Level Up Sound.

How it WorksEdit

To cut a tree a player will need an axe. Your axe does not need to be equipped in order to use, but it is recommended to wield it because of the extra space it gives to carry logs. To swing your axe and cut a tree, just click it, and you will get logs until the resource depletes. Trees will then respawn, they take different types depending on the tree. Tree respawn time table


To cut a tree, you will need an axe. There are many different kinds of axes and the higher level it requires, the faster you will cut a tree. Random events can break your axe or make its head fly away.

Axe Type Image Woodcutting Level Attack Level Price
Bronze Bronze hatchet 1 1 x
Iron Iron hatchet 1 1 x
Steel Steel hatchet 6 5 x
Mithril Mithril hatchet 21 20 x
Adamant Adamant hatchet 31 30 x
Rune Rune axe 41 40 x
Dragon Dragon hatchet 41 60 x

Obtaining AxesEdit

Higher level axes are obtained by trading with players or killing monsters. Axes up to steel can be found at Bob's Brilliant Axes in Lumbridge.

Mithril Axe Can be found commonly sold by players or by killing monsters.

Adamant Axe Can be found sold by a Few Elite Smithies and killing a few high level monsters.

Rune Axe Can be obtained by a few elite smithies and killing very high level monsters, however these monsters rarely drop the Rune Axe and are a challenge to kill.

Types of treesEdit

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Trees are cut down to woodcutting experience and obtaining logs which can be used in firemaking and fletching.

Type of LogsEdit

Tree Image Level Experience Notes Price
Normal Log 1 25 Includes normal trees, dying trees, jungle trees, and evergreens. x
Achey Achey tree logs 1 25 Found in Feldip Hills south of Castle Wars. x
Oak Oak logs 15 37.5 All over 2006scape, fortuanately found near banks. x
Willow Willow logs 30 67.5 Found mainly near water x
Teak Teak logs 35 85 Can be found in Tai Bwo Wannai. x
Maple Maple logs 45 100 Just north Seers Village bank. x
Hollow Bark 45 100 Found east of Canifis. x
Mahogany Mahogany logs 50 125 Can be found in Tai Bwo Wannai. x
Yew Yew logs 60 175 Good for money and experience x
Magic Magic logs 75 250 Slow rate of logs given. Not many trees in-game. x

Birds nestsEdit


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Birds nests can be received randomly by a player who is chopping down a tree. The Birds nest will automatically appear on the floor, requiring the player themselves to pick it up. The player is advised to pick it up quickly because the Birds nest will disappear within 30 seconds.

Random EventsEdit

Random Ent

Your axe head will split whilst you cut a tree, and the head will fly off to a spot nearby. It can be reattached to the axe handle once you have picked it up.

The tree will turn into an evil tree and might break your axe head.

An npc spawns and attacks you.



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You can use the woodcutting skill to create canoes to travel down the River Lum quickly. With a high woodcutting level, you can travel from Lumbridge to the Wilderness.